Saturday, October 22, 2011


the 21st marked 9 months since i held nolans warm body close to me as i kissed him a million times and said goodbye,it was an alright day , i cried listening to his song in the car. (hold my hand). I didnt dwell in the fact he died i just remember him and miss him lots wishing i could burst into his room and surprise him to see his huge smile and hear him giggle. We love him so much.I dont think that love will ever die.

Onto my frusteration...School starts January 2nd they want the full tuition for the 2 classes im taking on the first day of school which adds up too 1540.00 I dont qualify for the part time coverage due to the income being to high.Im hopeing to find someother subsidy because in all reality we still have bills,rent and other things to pay for im putting money away into savings but i know i wont have enough when the time comes.In the 2 years of school that i need i have 13 classes. each at 770.00!!! makes me sick to stomach that they charge so much for people to better their lives and future.Not to mention im going to college after...i will be in debt for along time.I want to do this and i am going to...just wish i had some help to make my life better and do what i want to do in life and become a nurse! Im going to look into funding from the government but untill then my 2 years of upgrading will cost me 10,000. i cant believe it.