Monday, June 27, 2011

June 25th He would of been 2...

June 25th 2009 at 2:29am Nolan Alex Chisaakay-Soucy deffied all odds and was born Vaginaly and Natural! he made it through 42 weeks of pregnancy and over 12 hours of labour...he came fast near the end i pushed for maybe all of 5 minutes! Although silent at first when he was layed on my tummy he opend his eyes and let out the tinest little cry.I was overcome with emotions and smiled, but i was also concerned about when he was going pass, so i was scared, i was already so inlove with this little person inside of me, and then to finally have him in my arms was just amazing.His 19 months with us was beautiful.I still love him.And always will.This June 25th 2011 he would of been 2, we celebrated his life with family and friends.We had a BBQ,balloon release with notes on them about trisomy 18 hopeing someone will find them!, cake, his music and video.It was a peaceful day. And a great day for all to remember what an amazing little man he was and still is, having a huge impact on so many! We love you little fat man!

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  1. Hi Amanda, my name is Tracy and I came across your blog thru a friend's blog. My sweet Alayna passed away almost 6 weeks ago-she had full t18. I am relating to a lot of the feelings and experience you are going thru. I'm so sorry about your beautiful boy Nolan passing away. He seemed truly a miracle! If you'd like to chat you can email me Tracy